Frequently Asked Questions


A: No, you don't need to get your vehicle serviced by the dealer. The dealer will try to convince you otherwise through confusing word play but as long as your car is serviced on time by a qualified mechanic then your warranty can not be void.

Q: do keleman motors do electrical diagnosis?

A: Yes, both Joe and Shane are highly experienced with not only the mechanical side of vehicles but also the electrical side.

Q: Can keleman motors fix the warning light on my dash?

A: At Keleman Motors we have the latest diagnostic equipment and the skills to resolve the problem that is bringing your warning light on.


Q: do keleman motors service transmissions?

A: We can carryout transmission servicing and minor repairs. If a major repair is required we will pull the transmission out and send it to our transmission specialist.

Q: How often should i check my engine oil?

A: With cars coming out with longer service intervals checking the engine oil in between services is highly recommended. We recommend you check you oil every month or every 1000km. If you drop by we are more than happy to check your engine oil for you.

Q: How often should i check my tyre pressures?

A: To reduce uneven tyre wear and keep your car economical we recommend you check your tyre pressures every month. Majority of passenger cars the pressures should be around 32psi. If your an existing customer your more than welcome to drop in and we will check your tyre pressures free of charge.


Q: Does my car need genuine parts to retain my warranty?

A: No, dealerships will try to tell you otherwise but the ACCC comments as long as "the parts are fit for purpose". We at Keleman Motors leave it up to the customer whether we use genuine parts or not. Our aftermarket parts are more often than not OEM parts.

Q: Does Keleman motors warrant their work?

A: Yes, here at Keleman Motors we have a 12 month warranty on all of our workmanship and parts.

Q: does keleman motors service and repair cars that aren't mazda?

Yes, although we are proud to be Geelong's only independent Mazda specialist, we have many years experience working on all makes and models of motor vehicles from your old work horse ute to high end European vehicles. 

Q: how much will my service cost?

A: This is the most commonly asked question and is hard to answer without knowing the specifics of your vehicle. If your send us an email at with your cars details we will reply a.s.a.p with a price. Alternatively give us a call on 5229 9555.

Q: if my car breaks down can keleman motors help?

A: We understand how frustrating a broken down car can be. From helping with a tow to fixing the issue. We always aim to get your car back on the road in a timely manner.